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Летние/зимние школы от вузов-партнеров НИУ ВШЭ

Краткосрочные программы мобильности сроком до 3 месяцев; администрируются напрямую организаторами. Участники, как правило, самостоятельно оплачивают транспортные расходы, проживание, питание и регистрационный взнос. Некоторые школы предлагают скидку для студентов НИУ ВШЭ. 


Description: aimed at students who study Business, Management, and Marketing
WU offers reduced (50%) fees for HSE students


Description: suitable for students interested in  Cross-Cultural Education and Research in Assistive Technology
Description: will cover topics according managing the patient journey, integration of professional medical devices, capturing medical information, acquisition and sharing of vital parameters and etc.
Description: short academic programs in cutting-edge academic topics hosted by international experts right in the heart of Vienna. The university offers a huge variety of programs. 

Description: aimed at students who study Economics and Finance, Business and Management, Social Sciences, and Humanities
Description: aimed at bachelor students pursuing a degree in the fields of Business Administration, Economics, Business Informatics, or Business Engineering.
For registration until January 31, 2018 will be offered an early bird rebate of 20%.

Description: aimed at Economics and Business students, who are interested in extending their knowledge of the business environment in the European Union


Huge variety of Summer Schools. For more information please visit the website.


Description: aimed at students, who are interested in learning the essential aspects of doing business in China and its interaction with other important regions in the world
ESSCA offers tuition waivers for HSE students (to get a discount, please refer at studyabroad@hse.ru) 

Description: lectures and workshops by faculty of the KLU and the Tongji University, as well as on-site visits to well-known businesses in and around Shanghai. Key fields of lean operations, supporting sustainable logistics operations as well as the various delivery processes that are available for distributing goods will be covered.


Description: aimed at bachelor and master students, or research fellows. The program provides the participants with around a one-month lectures, consisting of three modules:"Global Governance and Cooperation among BRICS", "China’s Politics and Diplomacy" and "Happy in Shanghai", among which "Global Governance and Cooperation among BRICS", "China’s Politics and Diplomacy" take 4 credits.
Offers scholarships. Deadline for Application - May 3rd. 

Czeck Republic

Description: aimed at master and undergraduate students in the field of economics, business and/or international relations or young professionals at the start of their careers from all over the world. Students from other fields of their studies with strong interest in the topic are welcomed to apply as well.


Description: aimed at students who study Economics and Finance, Business and Management

Reduced fees for HSE students are offered

Description: aimed at students who are interested in learning and practicing business negotiation strategies

Reduced fees for HSE students are offered

Zsem Brochure 

Description: all the summer programmes are based on MA curricula in English and offer a unique opportunity to visit several cities in Estonia (or even various European countries).
The courses are offered in several areas: Social Sciences, Political Science, International Relations, Business and Management, IT, Pedagogy, Humanities, Arts, Law.

Description: aimed at students who have completed at least 2 years of university-level studies. The courses are offered in several areas: Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Arts, Natural Sciences, Linguistics.

Helsinki Summer School will take place from August 7 to August 23, 2018. The application deadline is June 26th, 2018.

Description: offers Bachelor's and Master's level courses, all together 24 courses in the fields of technology and business.

LUT Summer school will run on 16 July - 10 August 2018. Deadline for applications - May, 20th.


Description: Summer School in Human Sciences comprises of 21 interdisciplinary courses for undergraduate and/or graduate students interested in cultural and communication studies, education, business & economics, sport and health sciences and social sciences.


Description: students can select from five different summer courses – with topics ranging from smart cities to wellness tourism. Detailed information on the website. 


Description: suitable for students who study Science and Technology, Economics and Management, Social Sciences, Humanities, Media Studies, French language.
A 15% discount is offered to HSE students.

Description: aimed at students who study Social Sciences 


Description: a European Negotiation Summer Program for Master and PhD students from various backgrounds who are interested in EU negotiation and decision-making system in different policy areas.

The program is held in Paris from 3 to 13 July 2017 and includes a study visit to the EU institutions in Brussels

The application deadline is on April 31, 2017.

To get more information regarding the summer school program contact the organizers directly

ESSEC Summer School Brochure 
Description: language courses.
A 10% discount is offered to HSE students.
Description: language courses.
A 15% discount is offered to HSE students.
Description: an undergraduate Business program offering 3 pairings of courses: International Luxury Brand Marketing & International Business Management; Business Intelligence Strategy & Digital Culture, Innovation and New Market; French Language & French Culture and Civilization.
ESSCA offers tuition waivers for HSE students (to get a discount, please refer at studyabroad@hse.ru) 
Description: suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students studying Business and with its emphasis on the EU, is also relevant to students of International Relations and Political Science.
ESSCA offers tuition waivers for HSE students (to get a discount, please refer at studyabroad@hse.ru) 


Description: students who are interested in the field of intercultural communication, management and cooperation.  

Description: for students interested in International Comparative Educational Research and Pedagogy, Ethnographic Educational Research, Intercultural Pedagogy, and Interdisciplinary Empirical Teacher and Teaching Research.


Description: for Bachelor and first-year Master students enrolled in non-finance programs who would like to learn about the key aspects of finance and banking. 

25% discount for HSE students is provided. 

Description: for Bachelor and Master students who study Art History, Classics, Comics Studies, Communication, Cultural Studies, Dance, English, Film, German, Japanese Literature, History, Literary Studies, Media, Music, Performance, Sound, Theatre and related fields. 

Registration deadline: 28.02.2018.


Description: This module is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in international economics and international management. It provides a unique combination of business and economics in lectures focusing on opportunities, threats and challenges facing future managers and politicians throughout the world. 


Description: The lectures will cover different aspects of digitalization, business information systems and information management. Due to their interactive design, lectures provide theoretical and practical insights into tomorrow’s important topics, including digital business models, business analytics, information management, and blockchain-based Technologies



Description: The program includes four optional courses: Global Economy and International Trade; Economics of Post-Communist Countries; International Development, Project Analysis; Case Studies in Finance.
Registration deadline: 30.04.2017. The early bird registration deadline: 31.03.2017.

Description: suited to graduate level students. This program is offering 2 pairings of courses: Humanistic Management and Leadership & Economic and Business Opportunities between Europe and Asia; International Marketing and Logistics, & Self Development (personal and role development).
ESSCA offers tuition waivers for HSE students (to get a discount, please refer at studyabroad@hse.ru) 

Description: more than 15 different programs with Research Intensive and Policy and Training courses.




Description: for students who have completed at least 2 years of study and who would like to get a comprehensive understanding of the EU functioning

Description: for students who study Economics & Finance, Business & Management, Law, Political Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities
Offers tuition waivers for HSE students
Description: students can choose from a range of different topics in such areas as History, Arts, Culture, Design, Urban Studies, Italian Language.

The application deadline is May 6th.


Description: a multidisciplinary program jointly offered by faculties of: Economics, Business Administration, Political Science and International Relations with the purpose of providing international student with a thorough understanding of Mexico, Mexico’s business opportunities and Mexico´s global economic position vis a vis the rest of the world. 
25% discount for HSE students is provided. 

Description: the topics consider the different lines of research of the seven study centers that Institution has (History, Linguistics and Literature, International Studies, Asian and African Studies, Economics, Sociology, and Demographic, Urban and Environmental Studies).


  • Maastricht Summer SchoolMaastricht University, Maastricht School of Management, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Description:  for students who study Political Science, Economics & Finance, Business & Management, Law, Social Sciences, and Humanities


Description: for students who study Business, Economics, Law, Political science, History, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Linguistics, Culture
25% discount for those, who apply before April 1st
Description: for students who study Economics, Management, Law, Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages
Description: The winter school is aimed at advanced undergraduate students and early-stage graduate students with substantial background in one of the core disciplines of PPE (philosophy, politics, or economics) or in related fields like public policy, psychology, sociology, etc.

Description:  80 contact hours of Portuguese Language and Culture + cultural activities.

Description:  for students who study  Economics & Finance, Business & Management, and Sociology

Description: for students who are interested in Asian Studies, Economics, Management, Law, Social Sciences, Humanities 

South Korea

Description: suitable for students who study Asian Studies, Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Psychology, Computer Science

SNU ISI offers tuition waivers for HSE students

Contact person: Denis Shcherbakov 

SeoulTech Brochure

Description: the program seeks to promote a better understanding of the world, in tandem with the current quests for ‘world peace’ and ‘global common good.’ The goals of program include building an international network through the exchange of human resources and collaborative research; providing students and professors with a variety of high-quality education and research opportunities; cultivating world citizens as leaders of global civil society.

Kyung Hee University offers tuition waivers for HSE students


Description: a unique academic program dedicated to sharing and experiencing the fascinating story of Seoul, Korea’s 600-yearold capital. The program aims to develop students’ global engagement by providing opportunities to share different perspectives on global issues, to make friends with various cultural backgrounds, and to explore Korea’s history, culture, and people

SKKU offers tuition waivers for HSE students


The courses cover a variety of disciplines and are aimed at students of bachelor and master levels, as well as PhD students and professionals.


This course will cover advanced theoretical and methodological tools in economic evaluation, with a focus on their application in public health. It will cover key topics in modelling costs, estimating comparative effectiveness of interventions from observational data and using economic reasoning to inform policy and practice. The course will combine lectures and computer lab sessions.

Description: the main purpose is to strengthen the skills of the representatives from state institutions, business sector, INGOs/NGOs, education institutions, religious organisations, independent mediators and politicians through academic trainings in peacebuilding, mediation, conflict resolution, security, human rights, leadership and intercultural dialogue fields.

Discount for early bird applicants


Description: students can choose four of UAM's regular courses, taught in English, in an intensive 6-week format (From June 12 to July 20, 2017). 
Description: a flagship initiative for internationalization and internationalization at home, targeting both international and local advanced students. By enlarging and diversifying its offering, courses now mirror all academic fields at UPF and allow students to earn transferable credits (ECTS) in an international environment.
Offers tuition waivers for HSE students.


Description: you will learn how to deal with the challenges of designing a supply chain that minimizes risk, carbon emissions, costs and transit times. The program is taught by renowned faculty of the Fisher College of Business, the Ohio State University and includes visits to well-known businesses in and around Columbus, Ohio.


25% Discount for Students from partner universities