When You Return


Once you have successfully completed your studies abroad and come back to HSE, you will need to submit your Transcript of Records to your Study Office to have your grades and credits transferred.


After the end of your exchange, you will need to submit a feedback form.
Your commentary will help us improve the outgoing mobility services as well as provide prospective mobility students with the unique knowledge and perspectives when they only start looking for opportunities or are already preparing to study abroad.

Arrival/Departure Form

Email to studyabroad@hse.ru a scanned copy of Confirmation of Attendance with a Part B signed by a coordinator of a hosting institution.  

Keep in touch

 Stay connected with HSE International Exchange Alumni through our page on Vkontakte.

 Share the brightest impressions of your study abroad experience through publication of your own article on the Study Abroad website.

 Represent an institution where you studied at one of our events (let us know via studyabroad@hse.ru).