Fall 2021: Application Statistics

During the Call for Fall 2021 were 186 available spots at 47 partner universities.
In total during the Call for Fall 2021 we received 905 applications for the exchange from 457 BA and MA students (HSE campuses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm and Nizhny Novgorod).

Three most popular universities among our students are:

  1. Uppsala University, Sweden - 118 applications (4 available spots);
  2. University of Bologna, Italy – 62 applications (5 available spots);
  3. University of Helsinki,  Finland – 59 applications (3 available spots)

Overall, 148 HSE students are nominated for Fall 2021. 

The final statistics on the total amount of applications for study abroad programmes in Fall semester 2021 can be found here (the number of applications received is listed on all three priorities of students).

Detailed information about the university’s choice made by students of different study programmes can be found here.