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Applications are currently not being accepted!

The documents filed in differently from the sample will not be processed.

List of documents

1. Request;

NB! The claimed period of the competition should include the days of travel (not exceeding 2 days). 

Request from a student
 Request from a student on behalf of a group
 Request from a HSE faculty member on behalf of a group*   
*Request from a HSE faculty member on behalf of a group should only be filled in if the HSE faculty member is accompanying the student group on their trip to an intellectual competition.

2. Extract from the protocol of the Faculty Educational Committee sitting;

3. Rationale for participation; NEW!

In your rationale for participation include:
— Short information about the intellectual competition;
— A link to a website of the intellectual competition (if applicable); 
— Answer the following questions:
     1. Why you should be the one to take part in the competition?
     2. How will your participation in the competition positively influence the image of HSE?

Format requirements::
— Name the document "Rationale of participation in name of the competition";
— Recommended length - not more than 400 words;  
— Font Times New Roman; size 12; 1.5 line spacing; justify alignment; the margins: top – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1 cm;
— Save in PDF format.

4. Copy of an acceptance letter/registration for a competition;

5. Cost sheet; NEW!

*The period of the competition  should include days of travel  ((not exceeding 2 days).

6. Co-financing;

7. Consent to the processing of personal data.  NEW!

In case you are submitting a group application, every member of the group has to sign a Consent to personal data processing and include it into the package of documents.

 Consent to personal data processing  (PDF, 184 Kb)

For accompanying HSE faculty members

A HSE faculty member is responsible to file a business trip on their own. Find more information

Online application

1. If you participate in a competition as a part of a group, you can only submit a group application. Other applications will not be processed.
2. You can only submit application once. Doubled applications will not be processed.
3. Fields marked with * are required.
4. All the required documents should be scanned and saved as pdf, except for cost sheet (save as doc.).
5. Name each of the documents as following: Last name_Name of the file (e.g. Smith_cost sheet).
6. Double-check your application before submitting it.
7. False applications will not be processed.
8. Chose the type of an applicant and begin your online application:
HSE faculty member applicant.
*A request from a HSE faculty member has to be signed only if they are accompanying the group of students to the intellectual competition.  

Learn more about intellectual competitions, reimbursement procedure and see approved applications.