FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What mobility opportunities do HSE students have?

Student international mobility may be short-term (summer/winter schools, language schools, educational and research activities, etc.) and long-term (semester-long studies). 

HSE students may take part in a mobility program under university-wide agreements (open to students of all faculties and campuses) and/or faculty or campus-level agreements (open to students of a particular faculty/campus).

Besides, HSE students may take a semester ot two in non-partner universities as freemovers on fee-paid basis. A student will have to look for a program and apply to the institution by themselves as well as cover all the expenses, including tuition fees.

How to take part in a mobility program within partner agrements between HSE and foreign universities?

A place for participation in a mobility program under international agreements can be obtained only after selection in a Call. Selections are held throughout the year. Details of the university-wide call for applications can be found here. As for unit-level calls please check at your faculty/campus.  

Is it possible to apply without a language certificate IELTS/TOEFL?

You can apply to a mobility program without a language certificate IELTS/TOEFL if:

— a partner institution accepts other official language certificates;
— if a partner institution does not require an official certificate (you can provide HSE Independent English Exam certificate).

НSE Independent English Exam certificate does not equal to the official IELTS certificate.

How does academic performance influence the results of the selection?

The Committee takes into consideration both cumulative and current ratings as well as percentile. The latest published scores are taken into account.

Does the tuition discount remain upon the return to HSE?

The tuition discount at HSE remains if a student successfully passes the exams at a partner institution and has the grades transferred into the HSE grading system.

Is it possible to participate in a student exchange during the last semester of a degree program and how to defend a thesis?

Students can take part in a mobility program during their last semester if they have an approval from the Academic Supervisor of their study program.

Students should find out the terms of the thesis defense at their study office.

Is it possible to withdraw from the selection process at some point?

You can withdraw from a selection process at any moment, having informed SIMO about your decision. Do it as soon as you have made up your mind, so that the spot reserved for you could be passed on to the other student.

Can students studying at reserve-officer training department participate in a mobility program?

Yes, they can. However, if a student going on an exchange interrupts their training at the department, the department will have to expel them with no right of readmission.

Still have questions? Contact SIMO at studyabroad@hse.ru.