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The Application

NB! We reccomend to prepare documents in time and not to send the application in last day right before the deadline.

You can submit the online application when the call is open, pushing the APPLY FOR AN EXCHANGE PROGRAM button on the Study Abroad's website (in the upper right corner).

Step 1. Upload your documents in "My files" (in the menu on top)

You can choose up to three partner universities, which you want to study at and to arrange them on priority basis. In this case, you need to prepare different packages of documents for each university. Each package should be saved as a single pdf-file and named by the standard: Last name_name of university (for example, Smith_UCL).

1. Request to participate in an exchange program (PDF)

2. Mobility Budget Planning (DOCX.)
     *approximate expenses can be found here NUMBEO

3. Motivation Letter in the language you mainly plan to study with

    *If a motivation letter is written in the language, other than English, at the request of HSE partner university, an applicant needs to submit also the translation of the document into English.

— the recommended length is up to 500 words;  
— Times New Roman; size 12; 1.5 line spacing; the alignment of the width of the document; the margins: upper – 2 cm, lower – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1 cm.

4. Letter of support (recommendation letter

— a free-format letter of support in English; 
— from your study program or professor.       

Attention! If foreign language is not your major, please do not attach letter of support from your foreign language professor. Otherwise, your application will be automatically declined.

 5. Individual Study Plan

During the preparation of your Individual Study Plan you need to:

1. check courses, which you have to study at HSE during the mobility;
2. check the course catalogue offered by the university, which you are planning to study in and to compare them with your courses at HSE;
3. translate name of the courses to determine whether they correspond your study plan at HSE or not;
4. make a list of courses which you want to study abroad and they match with your academic program at HSE;
5. go to your program manager and ask to prepare Individual Study Plan to study abroad;
6. get the approval of your Individual Study Plan from your Academic Supervisor.

6. Confirmation of the foreign language proficiency

Check the Program Catalogue to know which language proficiency you need to prove to study abroad at chosen university:

— if it says English and/or French, it means that you need to prove only one language from this list (language which you will be studying in).
if it says English and French, it is mandatory to prove proficiency in both languages;
— if it says anything about TOEFL/IELTS certificates, you need to attach particular certificate to your application;

— in other cases you can prove your proficiency by: 

√ providing Europass Language Passport (ELP), signed by your foreign language professor at HSE (templates ENGDE). Foreign language professor has to put his/her full name, position in foreign language and sing it.
Attention! If you are a master student and want professor to sign the ELP form you need to prove your language proficiency level by presenting any proofs of your knowledge. It is totally up to professor to sign the form or not.

√ providing the certificate with results of passing the Independent English Exam (relevant only for at least 3rd year Bachelor students).

Step 2. After uploading your documents, in Single window service you need to choose Application International Exchange Programs 2018/19

Step 3. Check all the fields in application

You will need:
— passport;
— performance indicators (current and cumulative ranking);
— total amount of chosen courses in partner university and amount of credits.

Attention! All fields, marker with (*), are mandatory to be filled in. 

Step 4. Fill in the Application and push the "Save" button

Please remember three main rules of filling in the application: 
  1. You can fill in the application only once. Otherwise, applications will not be taken into consideration.
  2. Before confirming the application, please check accuracy of provided information.
  3. Applications, which were drawn incorrect, will not be taken into consideration.

Step 5.  Send the Application, by pressing the "Submit" button

If needed, use the detailed Instruction How to fill in the Application.


Find more about Steps to apply and How it works, if you have not seen it yet.