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The Application

Once the call is open, you can start your online application in Single Window Service in LMS system.

You can apply to up to three universities on a priority basis.

Please keep in mind that:

1.    You can only fill in the application once. Doubled applications will not be processed.

2.    Please check the accuracy of the information provided before submitting the application.

3.    Incomplete or false applications will not be processed.

Step 1. Upload the listed documents. 

Upload the documents as a single PDF-file to "My files" in Single Window Service.  The file name must contain your last name and the university (example: Ivanov_George Mason University).

1. Request to participate in an exchange program (PDF)

2. Mobility Budget Planning
        *approximate expenses can be found on NUMBEO

3. Motivation Letter (in English)

— should not surpass 500 words; 
— font Times New Roman; size 12; 1.5 line spacing; justify alignment; the margins: top – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1 cm.

4. Recommendation letter (in English)

A recommendation letter from your academic advisor or a professor from your study program (from a Head of the PhD school for PhD students).

NB!  Do not submit a recommendation letter from a foreign language professor if you do no major in foreign languages!  

 5. Individual Study Plan

To prepare your Individual Study Plan (ISP) you need to:

1. In the course catalogue of a partner university find courses, matching those held on your program at HSE during your anticipated mobility. Make a course list with short descriptions.
2. Submit the course list to your Study Office and request to form an ISP for you. In some cases, the academic supervisor of your program also must approve the ISP.

6. Language proficiency

Consult with a partner university section at the Programme Catalogue to find out about the language proficiency criteria (what language you should be proficient in and the level of knowledge required to be enrolled to the program).

If not stated otherwise, you can prove your proficiency by:

TOEFL/IELTS (check other certificates validity in the language requirement section on a partner university website);

— Europass Language Passport  (ELP for BA students only), signed by your HSE foreign language professor (see templates ENGDE);
— HSE Independent English Exam certificate (for BA students only).

NB! Language requirements for each university are indicated in the Programme Catalogue.

Step 2. In Single Window Service choose  International Exchange Programs Application 2020/21.

Step 3. Fill in the form and press "Save".

Step 4. Submit the application.

You can find a detailed Instruction here:  How to fill in the Application

Apply now


Find out more here: Steps to apply and How it works.