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The Application

List of Documents

1. Request for participation in the Call for Applications New!


 Request for participation (PDF, 126 Kb)

2. Motivation Letter in the language you mainly plan to study with 

* If a motivation letter is written in the language, other than English, at the request of HSE partner university, an applicant needs to submit also the translation of the document into English.

— the recommended length is up to 500 words
— Times New Roman; size 12; 1.5 line spacing; the alignment of the width of the document; the margins: upper – 2 cm, lower – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1 cm.

3. Letter of support (recommendation letter

— a free-format letter of support in English;
— from your study program or professor.   

4. Individual Study Plan

— formed by your Study Office relying on the list of courses chosen at HSE partner university;
— must be approved by the Academic Supervisor of your study program.

5.*Learning Agreement

— filled on the basis of Individual Study Plan and in case of mobility within the Erasmus + agreements;
— approved by your Study Office.

6. Foreign Language Certificate

— the official certificate confirming the level of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS) is required  in the universities of Great Britain, Canada, the USA, the Netherlands (University of Groningen), Israel and China (Hong Kong);
— in other caces if you do not have the certificate, ask your language teacher to fill out the assessment form for you. 

Online Application

1. Proceed to fill an online application, you can follow the link " APPLY FOR AN EXCHANGE PROGRAM" 
at the website Study Abroad immediately after the official announcement. 

2. You can choose  up to three  HSE partner universities to attend as an exchange student. Please prioritize your choice.

3. The online application is filled once. Repeated applications will not be considered.

4. All fields marked with asterisks (*) are compulsory.

5. All documents from the list above must be saved as one pdf document.

6. Name the final pdf document as follows: Last name_HSE partner university (for example,  Smith_UCL ).

7. Please double check that all the information is correct before you submit your application.

8. Applications which do not meet all the requirements will not be considered. 

9. If necessary, follow the Instructions for Completing the Online Application.

Learn more about Steps to Apply and How It Works, if not already visited these sources.