Prepare the documents

In every stage of the Call, you can apply max. to 2 universities.

It is necessary to have a separate package of documents for each university.

Prepare the documents as a single PDF-file. Each PDF-file size should not exceed 2 Mb


You may list max. 2 universities  in order of priority. Download the template, fill it out, put your signature. Make sure to certify the application with the signature of the manager of your study office - application without signature is rejected. 

List of courses

1. Check the course catalogue of a partner university to find courses, matching those held on your program at HSE during your anticipated mobility period.

2. Prepare a list of courses with short descriptions, and ask your study office to check it and make the study plan.

3. Get approval from your academic advisor.

4. Do not forget to sign the study plan at your study office. Your application will be rejected if your list of courses is not signed by the manager of the study office. 

NB! List of courses is not required for application to Tokai University (Call  1)

Motivation Letter

It’s up to you what information you find important to include into your motivation letter and whether to write a motivation letter for each of the selected universities or one for all. Keep in mind that a motivation letter is your only chance to introduce yourself and announce your intentions to the Selection Committee.

The main requirement is to not surpass 500 words. If you have a bit more, it's okay, but try to follow the requirements (check a template).

Language proficiency

If not stated otherwise at the Programme Catalogue, you can prove your proficiency with one of the following documents

  • Official Language Certificate (for example TOEFL/IELTS (check other certificates validity in the language requirement section on a partner university website);
  • HSE Independent English Exam certificate (for BA students - a certificate which may be requested here, for MA students - a scan of Diploma Supplement with HSE Independent English Exam grade;
  • Extracts from online grade books for BA students who have not taken HSE Independent English Exam;
  • Certificate of attendance for MA students who study fully of partically in English;
  • Diploma from another university with a grade in a foreign language for MA students who don't have HSE BA diploma;
  • Another language proficiency document required by a partner university (check the catalogue).

Mobility Budget Plan

Prepare the mobility budget plan to make approximate estimates of your budget. Fill in the form. Approximate expenses can be found on NUMBEO.

Consent to cross-border transmission of personal data

Download the form, fill it out, put your signature. With this consent, you give your approval to transfer your personal data to a foreign country. It is a strong requirement in accordance with the Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”, dated July 27, 2006.

Recommendation letter (optional)

A recommendation letter in English from your academic advisor or a professor from your study program. You may add as many recommendation letters as you like.

NB!  Do not submit a recommendation letter from a foreign language professor if you do no major in foreign languages!

Document to be provided by a foreign citizen

If you don't hold Russian or Belarusian citizenship you need to upload along with your application one of the following documents:

  • a document confirming attending procedures of obligatory state fingerprinting;
  • a permanent residence permit;
  • a temporary residence permit;
  • a diplomatic passport.

NB! If you don't upload one of the documents listed above your application will be rejected.