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Takes place in Accounting Department Office after the launch of a financial reimbursement order.

An applicant has to:

1. To launch an order, submit an  online report about the intellectual competition within 3 business days upon your return. 

Prepare the following documents

 Correct cost sheet based on the real expenses;
 At least 5 photos (horizontal, size not smaller than 1200x800 pixels); 
 Scans of the diplomas, certificates, letters of acknowledgements from the competition (if any) in ; в  pdf  format; 
— A link to a published article about your participation in the competition, mentioning the source of financing (e.g. "the trip to the competition was financed by  HSE Endowment fund.")

*In case at the time of filling in the application an article has not been yet published, within 2 business weeks  следует email to  studyabroad@hse.ru a link to a published article or the text of the article to publish on International academic programs website.

2. Given that the online report has been successfully submitted, SIMO provides the Applicant with the data on the reimbursement order.

3. Within 3 business days upon receiving the order data the Applicant provides   the Management Accounting Office with the following:

1. Copy of the passport (first page and the page with the stamp marking crossing of the state border);
2. Financial support order (provided at SIMO under the condition you have submitted the report);
3. Proof of incurred expenses, approved for reimbursement:

— Original documents, proving visa fee payment;
Original documents, proving medical insurance payment;
Original or printed digital tickets, boarding passes (air, rail, bus, etc., including those airport-hotel-airport);
Original documents, proving accommodation payment

1. Provide the translation of the documents into Russian, if necessary;;
2. Nominal payments have to indicate the applicant’s name (in case of a group application, payment documents — of each member of the group should be provided);
3. In case the payment was made in cash, provide the checks; 
4. In case the payment was made on the Internet, provide the list of transactions from the applicant’s bank account.

4. After submitting all the required documents, the Applicant receives reimbursement in according with the cost sheet, approved by the Committee

Learn more about  the contest conditions, application process and  approved applications.